Phlebotomy  Procedures for Drawing Blood Samples

This program will provide the participant with comprehensive knowledge on proper techniques for drawing peripheral blood samples. The current OSHA Regulations and the Standard of Care will also be discussed. Each participant will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate proper blood sampling techniques on models.

Upon successful completion of this program the participant will be able to:
     -  identify the layers of the vein wall
     -  demonstrate steps for drawing blood
     -  identify legal implications of blood sampling

Course Content:

    7:30 AM       Registration

    8:00              Vein Anatomy

    8:30              Vein Identification
                                  Median Cephalic
                                  Median Cubital

    9:30              Arteries and Nerves of the Forearm
                                  Radial Artery
                                  Median Nerve

    10:00      BREAK

    10:15              Criteria for Site Selection
                                      Vein Location
                                      Vein Condition

    10:45              Blood Collection Tube Selection

    11:15              Order of the Draw

    11:30        LUNCH    (on your own)

    12:30 PM       Blood Collection Systems
                                   Butterfly  -  Syringe  -  Vacutainer

    1:00                Phlebotomy Procedure Using a Vacutainer

    2:30                BREAK

    2:45                Phlebotomy Complications
                                  Hematoma  -  Hemolysis

    3:30                Individualized Skill Validation

    4:30 PM         Award Certificates

On-Site Programs Are Available Upon Request

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