Clinical Monitoring and Complication Management

This program is intended to provide the participant with educational preparation to properly care for and maintain PICC lines. In addition, this program will contain an overview of implanted ports, tunneled catheters and non-tunneled catheters. The participant will be able to recognize PICC / CVC line complications and implement appropriate interventions in all settings. Areas of nursing malpractice related to PICC / CVC lines highlighting nursing regulations and clinical controversies will be addressed. An opportunity will be provided for the participant to demonstrate nursing procedures  on models.

Infusion Nurse Society (INS) 2011 Standards of Practice, the CDC 2011 Intravascular Guidelines and current Medicare Regulations  will be incorporated into this program. Nurses who are caring for patients with PICC / CVC lines should attend this program.

This is "NOT" a PICC Insertion Certification Program.

Course Content

 7:30 AM              Registration

 8:00                     Vascular Anatomy & Physiology
                                    Vein Layers
                                    Central Venous Anatomy

 9:30                     Catheter Classifications
                                    PICC Lines   -   Implanted Ports
                                    Tunneled Catheters  -  Non-Tunneled Catheters

 10:00             BREAK

 10:15                   Patient Selection Guidelines
                                      Appropriate Candidates  -  Catheter Insertion Issues
                                      Regulations  -  Nursing Standards

 11:15                   PICC Line Nursing Management
                                       Catheter Removal  -  Cap Change
                                       Catheter Flushing Protocols  -  Dressing Change

 12:30            LUNCH

 1:30                     Catheter Complications & Assessment
                                        Catheter Malposition  -  Sepsis  -  Air Embolism
                                        Catheter Occlusions  -  Blood Return Issues

 3:30               BREAK

 3:45                     Legal Implications
                                        Standards of Practice  -  Standards of Care
                                        Documentation Guidelines  -  Malpractice Cases

  4:15                     Award of Certificate

On-Site Programs Are Available Upon Request

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