Central  Venous  Catheter  Certification:
Management & Complication Program

This program is intended to provide the participant with current information for the four classifications of central vascular access devices. This program will review current nursing management practices for each device as well as offer the participant information on current standards of nursing practice with an emphasis on Best Practice. Training models will be available for hands on practice.

PICC lines, implanted ports, tunneled catheters, and other multi lumen central access devices will be reviewed.  Advanced anatomy and physiology, complication identification and nursing management are areas that will be comprehensively discussed. Catheter maintenance protocols including; flushing, dressing change, catheter removal and blood collection protocols will be demonstrated. Areas of nursing malpractice related to central venous catheters and courtroom defense strategies will be presented.

Special Program Note:    Participants will simulate procedures at practice stations.

Course Content

 7:45AM            Registration

 8:00                 Vascular Anatomy & Physiology
                                Vein Layers             Catheter Types
                                Central Venous Anatomy

 8:45                Vascular Complications
                                Subclavian Vein Thrombosis
                                Catheter Malposition              Catheter Sepsis

 10:00               BREAK

 10:15             Vascular Access Device Classifications
                                Indications for Use                Catheter Occlusion
11:00              Vascular Access Devices
                                Nursing Management           Catheter Removal
                                Skill Lab Demonstrations

12:15PM            LUNCH     (On Your Own)

1:15                Vascular Access Device Complications
                                 Air Embolism
                                 Fibrin Sheath Formation
2:00                 Infection Control Guidelines
                                   CDC           Documentation  (2011)
                                    INS             Patient Safety Guidelines  (2011)

2:15                 BREAK

2:30                  Practice Stations

3:30PM            Award Certificates

On-Site Programs Are Available Upon Request

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