Intravenous   Venipuncture   Certification

This program is intended to provide the participant with comprehensive knowledge to properly insert a peripheral IV catheter, assess the IV site for early signs of complications and to properly document the assessment and procedure. The participant will receive in-depth venipuncture theory with multiple opportunities for hands-on participation to enhance the learning process. Locating veins by palpation will be part of the practicum. The Infusion Nurse Society (INS) 2011 Standards of Practice and the CDC 2011 Intravascular Guidelines will be incorporated into this program. This program details venous anatomy and physiology, vein identification, criteria for vein selection, device and gauge selection, complications, legal aspects, documentation, and the venipuncture procedure using a safety IV catheter.

This is not a blood drawing program.
Due to the OSHA Occupational Exposure and Bloodborne Pathogens Standards practicum for each seminar will be on a model.

Course Content

    7:30 AM                       Registration

    8:00                             Venous Anatomy

    8:30                             Vein Location
                                               Cephalic Veins
                                               Basilic Veins

    9:00                             Vein Identification
                                                Vein Assessment Practicum on Partners
                                                Palpation Techniques
                                                Visualization Techniques

    9:30                            Superficial Arteries / Nerves of the Forearm

    10:00               BREAK

    10:15                           Criteria for Vein Selection

    11:00                           Selecting Peripheral Access Device ? Gauge

    11:15                           Complications of Intravenous Therapy
                                                  Infiltration  Phlebitis  Extravasation

    12:15 PM                    LUNCH

    1:15                             Legal Aspects
                                                   Malpractice Insurance  Documentation

    2:00                             Insertion Procedure on Models

    3:45                 BREAK

    4:00                             Individualized Skill Validation

    5:30 PM                     Award of Certificate

On-Site Programs Are Available Upon Request

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